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And So It Ends (Luxor, Egypt, July 17, 2011)

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Today is the last 'official' day of our trip. We're flying to India to visit family, but that isn't really part of the "round the world" excursion. Pallavi heads out at insane o'clock early tomorrow morning, and my flight is the next day. A few days later we'll be back in Texas, ready to get on with the rest of our lives.

The blog, of course, will keep going for a while. We haven't told a lot of stories yet: how Tony bloodied his feet walking up to the temples at Tirupati and almost got run over by a big monkey, or Pallavi's guide to all the best Mexican restaurants in southeast Asia, or why you should never take a reed hat under a waterfall....

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Ronald waves at the Luxor Temple and mosque

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I have really enjoyed following your adventures and am glad to hear you'll be posting a few more before settling back into domesticity. The vicarious pleasure nearly balanced the envy. ;)

Any clues about what settled life stateside will hold for you guys, or are you waiting to do a big reveal? I haven't quite given up a dim hope that somehow you'll wind up in SF.

I'm really glad you will be home soon. I missed not being able to call/text when I get meltdowns. =)

:-) I've been missing being in touch too... email/Facebook just doesn't quite do it. My job-hunting has been mostly in the DC area, so I'll be up sometime either for interviews or on my own "AirTran for $200 roundtrip" invitation.

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