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Greetings from Sharm!

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A long overdue update: after looking over all of our options, we decided to make our way through Egypt. The State Department has downgraded its warnings , and there are some real advantages to coming here when the tourist trade is low. For instance, I had fifteen minutes of utterly solitary contemplation inside the Great Pyramid, as Pallavi decided to stay outside and no other tourist ventured in until I was on my way down the dark staircase leading out from the tomb.

IMG 9343

Outside the Great Pyramid

After a week in Cairo, we are spending five nights in Sharm el Sheikh before we head on to Luxor. We found a great deal on a Sheraton resort, but internet access here is extortionately expensive. [1] (We're here to dive the waters, not surf the web.) We can occasionally check email for free (thanks to the international 3G access on Pallavi's Kindle ) through a slow and intermittent connection. If you want to get in touch with us, email is probably the best way to do so, though we may not be able to reply very quickly.

[1] Seriously: $25/day. That's a little less than half the daily room rate. I get the business logic on this. First, people here are only likely to get internet when they really need it, at which point they'll suck it up and pay the cost. Second, resorts work on a "keep them here" model, and anything that allows comparison shopping with the walled garden down the road is anathema. But while I understand the principles at work here, it puts a foul taste in the mouth.

On the other hand, I can't complain too much...

IMG 9662

The view from our balcony

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