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Scary hotel towel animals (Edfu, Egypt, July 14, 2011)

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Pallavi decided to sleep in upon our return from an early-morning trip to Kom Ombo temple, leading to a certain amount of consternation from the cleaning staff, who wanted to come in and fix the place up. We came back to the room after lunch to find this little fellow hanging in the entryway.

IMG 9926

I'll admit to the possibility that this was meant to be a jovial and welcoming figure, but with its vaguely threatening aspect it felt more like the janitorial equivalent of a horse's head left in the bed. We resolved to be up and out of their way the next morning, and sure enough, waiting for us was a much more cheering towel swan.

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Jesus H...that is an oddity fo sho. Creeped me the Eff out when I was scrolling in Reader.

Yes! They were teasing me that I was just seeing it as creepy because I felt guilty about delaying the cleaners' work. But that looks like a pig hung up for halal slaughter.

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