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Thank You Page

Thanks to our families for the assistance and support that made leaving the United States for a year possible. We couldn't have kept up with our obligations -- and frequent CapitalOne credit card cancellations -- without their willingness to receive our mail, file our papers, deposit our checks and forward what was important. We appreciated our renters' patience and good humor when we bobbed out of touch on cruises and mountain-climbs.

Thanks also to our parents, siblings, and friends for putting roofs over heads, especially Kelly in San Francisco, Laurie in Austin, Kathy & Bruce in Christchurch, and John & Kathy in Oxford.

For hand-deliveries in Buenos Aires, Queenstown and Marrakesh, thanks to Prathima, Rhiannon and Maureen; for friendship above and beyond in joining us for family activities in India, thanks to Julie & Jim; for advice on safe travel and recovery from mishaps, thanks to Rachel and her father Bob; and for our travel cards, thanks to Debbie.

We appreciate our friends' reading and commenting on this blog, and will do our best to post about the whole trip!

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