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The North American Roadtrip

Before we head out across the world, we're hoping to make it across the United States in a minivan.  The plan, which may be revised to accord with reality:

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  • We begin in New York, NY, and visit friends in Glastonbury, CT.
  • We drive on to spend the night in and see the historical sights of Boston, MA.
  • Next we fulfill all the fantasies Sherry has built up of sailing in Portland, ME.
  • So far, so easy... but then it's 500 miles to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Eat your hearts out, Anne of Green Gables enthusiasts! (Though we're going just after the 2010 International L.M. Montgomery Conference, because even we are not that geeky.) 
  • It's an even longer stretch from PEI to Montreal: 13 hours as Google maps it, and we'll both be flexing our half-remembered French (Tony from high school, PG from a single college semester).
  • Ideally we spend Canada Day in the nation's capitol of Ottawa, then spend Canada Night in Toronto.
  • Another day's drive takes us to celebrate Independence Day with Tony's parents in Big Rapids, MI, and a visit to PG's cousins in Chicago.
  • The next few days are flat-out driving Interstate Highway 80 west: Omaha, NE; Cheyenne, WY; Salt Lake City, UT; Reno, NV, until we reach San Francisco, CA.
  • We each have several friends in the Bay Area whom we hope to see, and anticipate the the drive from there to Los Angeles to be the best part of our time spent driving, as we'll be taking the California Route 1 Pacific Highway that runs along the coast and affords an almost continuous view of the ocean. PG also intends one indulgence on an otherwise budget-minded  trip.
  • From LA we have another couple of long hauls, now through the Southwest: to Scottsdale, AZ to visit with Tony's brother, and then to El Paso, TX where the Rickeys once lived.
  • Once we reach Texas, however, our trip becomes less of a marathon. We stop in San Antonio and Austin to see PG's friends and family before winding up in Houston, where we drink, dust ourselves off and prepare for the international leg. Last calls for malaria medication, inexpensive sunscreen and visa issuance...

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Chez Panisse is pretty fabulous. Consider dining upstairs, though - much cheaper and just as delicious.

Another option is Foreign Cinema in SF's Mission. The chef, I gather, is a former protege of Alice Waters' who struck out to make her own name. The food there has blown us away each time we've gone, and brunch is wonderful and reasonably priced.

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